Given recent events, we have had a lot of questions regarding one of our products, Anasphere Plus. So here are 8 ways you can use Anasphere Plus to disinfect your home and office.

What is Anasphere Plus?

Anasphere Plus is a great disinfectant, comes in concentrated, and the uses are far-reaching.

This particular disinfectant has a long list of viruses that it can keep under control. To name some of the most well known: Ecoli, Salmonella, Flu and many more. We have had this product since before recent events, and its a product that we use in our own office. Not to mention, we have also made a video on how to use it with a mold fogger.

8 Ways to Use Anasphere Plus at Home and in Your Office

These are ways to help your homes or offices be a healthier environment, but given the times, your home might have become your office. So let's get started!

  • You can use it to disinfect linens.
  • Bathrooms, not only at home but anywhere. Anasphere Plus is also a good against mildew.
  • You can clean your dehumidifier.
  • You can use it to keep your humidifier clean.
  • You can use it to clean pet areas, beds and toys.
  • Carpet cleaner.
  • To clean food prep areas.
  • Door knobs, light switches.

I know some of these 8 ways to use Anasphere Plus don't seem that can be used in an office, but we use it every day to disinfect our office, even before recent times.

We hope these 8 ways to use Anasphere Plus help. Of course, there are more uses, especially as we navigate these crazy times. We hope you are staying safe. We are in this together while apart.