• Clay is great for building things, not to have as soil.
  • Installing a water management system is different when there is clay soil.
  • Do not be afraid we have resources.

Clay is great if you have a school project that involves making a tiny town, which I have done many moons ago. Clay is also a great name, but in our line of business and for homeowners clay isn't so great.

Why is it not great you might ask, well it is not a good type of soil to have because water does not go through it easily and it can cause water to pool in areas that you might not want to have water.

You have gone through the process of purchasing a home finding the perfect kitchen or master bath, but like most people ( me included) you didn't pay attention to the type of soil, grading, basement, slab or crawl space. All things that for the most part have not bearing on the purchase of the house, but its those things the ones that sneak up on you once you do own the house.

But what bearing does the above have? glad you asked, the type of soil will dictate the steps you need to take in order to address standing water.

Now the best way to address standing water is to ensure that the flow of water has somewhere to go, that being said that is not always a possibility so a water management system comes into play, yes water management systems can happen outside of the basement and crawl space.

How does clay affect how you go about installing a water management system? well, the depth of the products will vary, you don't want to dig too deep because the water won't make it to the exit system.

This can all be overwhelming and cumbersome, but there are ways to get it done whether it is a weekend project you decide to tackle your self or you choose to hire someone we are here to help, and below is a video talking about how to handle a job like this!