We received a question all the way from Crest Hill, IL and our topic of discussion is how we can help mitigate a crawl space below grade.



Crawl Space Standards

The recommendation is that anytime your crawl space is below the level from the outside dirt, you need a perimeter trench and sump pump at the lowest point of the crawl space. Remember the more dirt that is up against the wall of the crawl space there will be more opportunity for water to try to come in to your crawl space.  What we normally do for a perimeter trench is we dig up 2 feed down and 1 foot wide to install the trench, and all of it leads to the sump pump basin. This will help with any water that might be coming due to hydrostatic pressure.


Crawl Space Ninja Pro Tips

  • Sump Pump at the lowest point of crawl space
  • Make sure the water has a clear path to the sump pump
  • If you live in a place with frequent power outages get a battery back up
  • Always use a dehumidifier to control humidity



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