Summer can be grueling, don't let the nice cold air escape through your attic. Below we will talk about how we can fix that!


Hatchway Attic Stair Cover

The name says it all, this attic cover will seal your attics door in order to prevent the cold air from escaping and more importantly stopping the hot attic air from invading your living space.


We recently posted a video on how we have used the Hatchway attic cover, in the video we do a temperature test. The Stair cover temperature was at a cool 66 degrees while the attic was at a whopping 86, at 9 am!


As you can imagine, having such high heat so early in the morning isn't a good thing for your cooling bill!


We understand that there are always budget concerns, so we always recommend if possible taking everything in steps.


For reference purpose the attic referenced above had the following:


Let us know how you have kept cooling costs down this summer!