Does Soda Blasting Kill Mold?

By Pedro Mendoza | June 26, 2019

We’ve got a great question from Dmitri in Kentucky, and he wants to know what’s the proper way to soda blast a crawl space. He’s getting some information from his contractor that he doesn’t feel comfortable with.   Crawl Space Soda Blasting Is soda blasting good enough to kill the mold or should you apply…

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Best Way To Attach Foam Board and Vapor Barrier to Foundation

By Kayla Wilson | June 19, 2019

We’ve got another question from Chuck down in Georgia, and he was wanting to know what method we recommend to adhere foam board and vapor barrier to your block walls. Crawl Space Foam Board and Vapor Barrier Typically what we use is a fastener with our Hilti guns. You can also use a Christmas tree…

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Best Way to Install Crawl Space Perimeter Drain Products

By Kayla Wilson | June 12, 2019

We got a question from Chuck down in Georgia, and he was wanting to know if can he use his natural trench, dirt trench that’s in the crawl space to direct water to a sump pump, and he had a couple of other questions too. Natural Trench In Crawl Space Okay Chuck, we see that…

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Sump Pump Battery Back up | Pump Sentry

By Pedro Mendoza | June 5, 2019

A recent question that we received was regarding a battery backup for your sump pump, is it really needed? Well if you live in East Tennessee and happen to have LCUB as your electric provider you have a scary mix. Historic rainfall and a dodgy power grid can leave you with a potential mixed bag…

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Basement Waterproofing Solutions for DIY

By Kayla Wilson | May 29, 2019

If you have a basement, or like we do at our building here in Knoxville where we’ve got water intrusion coming through the cinder block walls, you likely need to do some interior waterproofing. We wanted to go over some things you can do as a homeowner to fix your own basement or to give…

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How to Insulate Under a Sunroom?

By Pedro Mendoza | May 22, 2019

We received a question from Wade in Virginia. And he has a sunroom that does not have a crawl space around it, and he’s wanting to know the best way to insulate it. What to know before starting Wade sent in a picture of his sunroom, from the photo we where able to see  that…

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Indoor Air Quality Solutions On a Budget

By Kayla Wilson | May 8, 2019

Today we want to talk about what to do if you know you have a crawl space problem, but you may not have the money to get it fixed. Crawl Space Encapsulation Cost We get it. Crawl space encapsulation can be really expensive. From time to time we run into people where they’ve got mold…

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Applications For Anasphere Plus

By Pedro Mendoza | May 1, 2019

Today we’ve got a new product that’s out from Anabec called Anasphere Plus. This is a great product not only for use in crawl spaces but also in the home and maybe even the work, hotel, and church environment as well. Let’s jump in and talk about some of the benefits of Anasphere Plus. Anasphere…

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