The Hilti Rental program will make your DIY life easier!

We work in crawl spaces quite a bit, and because of that we have all the tools necessary  in order to mechanically attach both vapor barrier and foam board.

We also have a DIY store and we have plenty of people that enjoy doing their own projects, truly kudos to you guys!! but that also means that you like to minimize expenses and that is where this comes in!


Hilti Rental Program

We receive questions mainly on how we mechaniclly attach vapor barrier and foam board to cinder block, and in the past we have answered what we use but we have never sold it online ( they are expensive) so we came together as a team and though of a way that we could bring the same tools we use to you guys and the rental idea came to mind. How is it going to work you are thinking? well let me explain.

  • Weekly rentals
  • Refundable security deposit
  • All the tools you will need
  • Return label included

But enough of the reading! look at the video below to get a better sense of what I just wrote about!! Happy DIYing