We receive plenty of questions and comments on how a new home could have mold in the crawl space, well you came to the right place to get some answers!!

One thing that we have to remember is that the wood used on the sub floor and walls of houses is non treated, that essentially means that before any walls go up the wood is exposed to the elements.

Now that we have the initial thought out of the way, think about once you put the sub floor on and walls the crawl space is now the perfect environment to grow mold. Yes your are correct, you are not he only one that got a brand new house mold did also.

You might be asking how can I avoid these problems, if we would be a website like the onion we would say live in a hut near the beach but we aren't so here is the solution!



Now if you do tackle this on your own, let us know we would love to see your work before and after and possibly talk about it on our YouTube Chanel!