Crawl Space Seam Tape

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  • 9-mil Seam Tape 4″ x 180′
  • Polyethylene film
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive
  • White Shiny Finish
  • Qty – 1 Roll

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Crawl Space Seam Tape

A polyethylene film, single coated with a synthetic rubber pressure sensitive adhesive. This is not your average crawl space vapor barrier seam tape. This 4” 9-mil thick seam tape comes in 180’ (60 yd) long rolls. The color is bright white and is sure to help brighten your crawl space jobs. Our crawl space seam tape is polyethylene backed and single sided. It is great for any crawl space encapsulation or basement waterproofing project.

Waterproof Seam Tape for Crawl Spaces

Poly tapes are a superior in adhesive and they can be hand torn. This tape also offers noticeably better water and weather resistance than traditional crawl space seam tapes. Poly tapes are perfect products for use in many applications such as crawl space encapsulation, basement waterproofing, splicing, color coding, marking and sealing. This poly tape is commonly used in the Marine, Service, and Construction industries among others. Poly tapes are frequently used in shrink film and zipper door applications. The serrated edge assists with easy tearing.

Q: How Much Crawl Space Seam Tape Do I Need?

Typically, we recommend 1 roll (4″x180′) for every 250 square feet of crawl space. Additionally, if you have support pillars, add 1 additional roll for every four pillars.


  • Agricultural
  • Wire identification
  • High durability surface protection
  • Polyethylene splicing
  • General industrial masking, bundling, splicing and repair applications
  • All-purpose waterproof sealing applications

Product Benefits

  • Provides a watertight seal and humidity resistance in a range of weather conditions
  • Low-residue aggressive adhesive allowing the material to be repositioned
  • Bonds well to most surfaces over a wide temperature range
  • Good conformability for application to rough or irregular surfaces

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

2 reviews for Crawl Space Seam Tape

  1. gary kofoid (verified owner)

    This tape is great tape. I have not only used it to hold the vapor barrier but it is being used for many other projects that I needed a super bonding tape. It’s almost strong enough to pull the hair off your arms.

  2. robb (verified owner)

    This is my first experience with crawl space tape. But, I can say this tape works well. I laid approx 100’ of it today between the strips of 12 mil in my crawl. This tape is slightly tough to cut with a sharp razor knife. If you stab it in the middle, you can cut half way through and then cut the other half. It appears to stick well to 12 mil but I wonder if it will pull up. I was able to pull it and reset it a few times. I did not waste any in the process. If you’re patient, you can lay straight wrinkle free lines. 4” is nice, it allows 2” on each side of a seam. You could not pull and tear this if you wanted, its that tough.

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