Hatchway Attic Stair Cover

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  • Seals your Attic opening
  • Made with Radiant Barrier
  • Can lower your heating/cooling bill
  • 60-minute install
  • Product Size 25″x56″x10″
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  • Air Seals and Insulates
  • Easy to Install
  • High R-Value
  • Saves Energy

Finally, a great way to seal the opening to your attic and keep out the drafts! Did you know that the attic access door can be one of the greatest sources of air leakage in your home? This attic stair cover solves that problem by insulating and reflecting the heat, and sealing the opening to your attic. It will help you save energy and money by lowering your heating and cooling bills. The Hatchway Attic Stair cover is relatively easy to install (takes around 1 hour) but if you need help we can handle the install for you.


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