Vapor Barrier Fastener-Lease Hilti GX 3 (1-Week)


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Package contents
  • 1x GX 3 Basic unit
  • 1x Magnetic Washer Holder
  • 1x Shipping Case
  • Includes Tool Return Shipping


  • Single source of energy, no batteries to recharge are needed
  • Curved, 40-nail magazine for better accessibility in narrow spaces and deep tracks
  • High fastening rate for high productivity and maximum efficiency
  • Wide range of nails for fastening to a wide variety of materials
  • Gas gauge helps to avoid running out of gas unexpectedly
  • Fastening Vapor Barrier to Masonry Walls
  • Fastening drywall track to floors, walls and ceilings on concrete, solid masonry or steel
  • Fastening mesh, membranes or foil with special washer holders to concrete walls
  • Fastening wall tie connections to concrete, solid masonry or steel – use of the special washer holder is recommended
  • Suitable for various light-duty fastening applications on concrete, solid masonry or steel
  • Fastening cables, conduits or various light electrical installations – use of the ME nailer nose is recommended

GX 3 Operations Manual

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 7 in


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