Mold Cleaner by Anabec | Mold Disinfectant

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  • Designed to clean & disinfect a variety of surfaces under even the most extreme of circumstances
  • 5-gallon pail covers up to 5,000 sq’ depending on applicator
  • Can be applied with fogger, foamer, pump sprayer, airless sprayer, trigger sprayer, or rag
  • Clear, Hydrogen Peroxide Based, Neutral pH, Low Viscosity
  • Cleaning agent for porous surfaces
  • Mold remediation cleanup
  • Water / flood cleanup
  • Sewer backflow cleanup
  • Trauma & Crime scene cleanup
  • Made in USA
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We have been using the Anabec Mold Cleaner System for years and have found it to be the best and safest way to remove mold from all areas of the home. The Anabec Mold Cleaner is easy to apply and does not leave any harmful residue. We did not want to use harmful pesticides to attack mold so we decided to go with the Non-EPA Registered Products of Anabec and have not been disappointed.

We love this product so much we decided to make it available to the DIY Mold Cleaner. Anabec’s mold cleaner is a non-EPA registered product which means it is safer versus the pesticides used by many mold remediation companies. It is also bleach free. Please use appropriate PPE when working with mold, fiberglass or any chemicals.

How Mold Cleaner Works

  • The Advanced Cleaning Solution is a hydrogen peroxide based detergent.
  • Peroxide helps remove staining, debris and soils from porous surfaces without aggressive bleaching action to the substrate.
  • The presence of quaternary ammonium chlorides aids in the stain and odor removal process.

Mold Cleaner Application

  • For best results, first cleaning soiled areas with a combination of the Cleaner and mechanical means such as a scrub brush, HEPA vacuuming or soda blasting
  • Pump sprayer, foaming or airless sprayer are ideal application methods for application of the Cleaner
  • Failure to pre-clean heavily soiled surfaces will diminish the cleaner’s effectiveness
  • A second application of the Advanced Cleaning Solution should be applied to all effected surfaced
  • Application with a fine tip sprayer or fogging is ideal
  • The Advanced Cleaning Solution should be allowed to dry on the surface of the material to aid in stain and odor removal
  • On highly polished and/or glossy surfaces such as glass, granite, marble or polished metal a visible sheen may be left behind. It will not permanently harm these surfaces. This sheen can be removed with water or glass cleaner, and will eventually wear off or dissipate. If this is undesirable avoid and/or protect these surfaces.
  • Clean up equipment with clean water

Additional information

Weight 43 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 13 in


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