Mold Prevention Spray by Anabec X70 Mold Preventative


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  • Post mold remediation preventative
  • Latex based coating that contains nano-silver (natural antimicrobial)
  • Moisture barrier for unfinished construction material
  • Suitable as a primer coat
  • 5-gallon pail covers up to 4,000-5,000 sq’
  • Can be applied with airless paint sprayer, brush or roller
  • Semi-White Tracer
  • Mold Prevention
  • Made in USA
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We have been using the Anabec X70 Mold Prevention Spray for years and have found it to be the best and safest way to prevent mold from returning to non-finished building materials in the home. The Anabec X70 System is easy to apply and does not leave any harmful residue. We did not want to use harmful pesticides to attack mold so we decided to go with the Non-EPA Registered Products of Anabec and have not been disappointed.

X70 Mold Preventative is the second step in the Anabec System of Products. Application of X70 results in an extremely durable barrier which can resist mold and mildew growth. X70 is applied after cleaning the surface with Anabec Cleaner Solution. This product is appropriate for use on previously cleaned, unfinished building material surfaces. X70 mold preventative can also serve as a primer for latex paints.

We love this product so much we decided to make it available to the DIY Mold Remediation homeowners. Anabec’s X70 is a non-EPA registered product which means it is safer versus the pesticides used by many mold remediation companies. It is also bleach free. Please use appropriate PPE when working with mold, fiberglass or any chemicals.

How Mold Prevention Spray Works

  • The Advanced Cleaning Solution is a hydrogen peroxide based detergent.
  • Peroxide helps remove staining, debris and soils from porous surfaces without aggressive bleaching action to the substrate.
  • The presence of quaternary ammonium chlorides aids in the stain and odor removal process.

Mold Prevention Spray Application

  • In order to achieve the best results, Anabec recommends first cleaning soiled areas with Anabec’s Cleaner Solution.
  • Allow previously cleaned building materials to fully dry prior to application of coating. Moisture content of the building material should be 16-20%.
  • Prior to product use mix thoroughly using a powered paddle mixer. Mixing times may vary based on mixer power and product settling.
  • If adding any tint, do so during the mixing process and mix thoroughly to ensure color consistency.
  • For best results apply with an Airless Paint Sprayer using tip size 0.015. Product gets an estimated 800-1,000 square foot per gallon of coverage, based on substrate profile.
  • When applying with brush / roller coverage may be less.
  • Product is dry to touch in 30-60 minutes, completely dry in 18-24 hours.
  • Clean up equipment with soap and water.
Anabec x70 White Building Material Sealant/Moisture Barrier front view

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Weight 43 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 13 in


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