Reflective Duct Insulation

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Product Overview

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  • 1 Bundle Includes Risers
  • Dimensions 4ftx50ft (200sq')
  • Mold resistant
  • R-6 to R-8 (when Risers Used)
  • Reflects up to 96% Radiant Heat

Using reflective duct wrap insulation is a great way to insulate your duct-work without exposing yourself to itchy fiberglass. This product is R-6 when installed directly on duct but R-8 when using risers. Designed, manufactured, tested and certified to meet R-8 code requirements for all duct types, rFOIL Big 8 2280 Reflective Duct Insulation series is a consistent contractor’s choice.

What Contractors are saying about Reflective Duct Insulation vs Standard Fiberglass FSK type wrap:

Easier to Work With”

“Shorter Installation Time”

“Much easier to work with than Fiberglass”


  • Great for residential or commercial applications
  • Will not harbor mold, mildew or fungi
  • Lightweight, clean and fiber free
  • No need for respirator when installing
  • Thermal value unaffected by moisture or humidity
  • Reflects 96% radiant heat (Great in attics)
  • No nesting characteristics for birds, insects or rodents
  • Class 1/Class A Fire Rating ASTM E84-09

Other Uses Include

  • Radiant Barrier Insulation
  • Garage Door Insulation
  • Insulate Knee Walls
  • Wrap Water Heater
  • Pipe Wrap
  • Insulate Radiant Heat in Floors

Reflective Duct Insulation Spec Sheet


(No reviews yet) Write a Review