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Package contents
  • 1x DX 5_01 Basic unit
  • 1x X-5-460-FIE-L Fastener guide assembly
  • 1x X-5-460-PIE-L Piston
  • 1x Shipping Case

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Hilti DX 5-IE Insulation Fastening Tool Add-ons

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  • One-step fastening of insulation, therefore high fastening rate and low overall in-place cost
  • Fully-automatic piston return and cartridge transport
  • Virtually no dust compared to drilling and anchoring, no sustained noise and no searching for the drilled hole
  • Fastener types: X-IE
  • Weight: 7.7 lb.


  • Fastening mineral wool and EPS insulation materials to interior and exterior walls including facades
  • Fastening insulation thicknesses from 25 – 200 mm is possible

DX 5 Instruction Manual

Hilti DX 5-IE Actuated Powder Gun


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