Nu-Calgon® Nu-Foam Spray Foam Sealant

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Product Overview

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  • 12-oz Single Use Can
  • 1 Can covers 352 linear feet at 3/8" bead
  • Disposable plastic straw included


  • Double expansion polyurethane foam
  • All-direction dispensing
  • Insulates against heat loss and heat gain
  • Tack-free in 30 minutes and dries in 4 hours
  • Fire retardant and UL classified
  • No CFC’s, No HCFC’s
  • Yields 352 linear feet (medium can) and 780 linear feet (large can) of 3/8˝ bead.
  • Two year shelf life

Nu-Foam is an expanding, polyurethane, prepolymer foam that is used as a sealant and an insulating product. It is designed to seal, fill and insulate small cracks, gaps and voids. Tack free time for Nu-Foam is less than 30 minutes at 70°F and 40-50% relative humidity. Its R-Value is 4.9 per inch thick making a very good insulator in most any application and can even provide sound-deadening. Nu-Foam is UL classified and is fire retardant. Can withstand temperatures up to 240ºF.


It can be used to seal and insulate areas such as openings created for refrigeration, air conditioning and heating tubes or pipes, duct joints, utility penetrations in exterior sheeting, masonry, concrete or wood walls, and other areas where unwanted air penetration might occur.


  • Density is 1.75 ± .25 pounds per cubic foot
  • Water vapor transmission in 10 perm inches
  • Flamespread ASTM-84… 10
  • Smoke density ASTM… 15

Spray Foam Applications:

Used to fill and seal around gaps and penetrations in the building envelope to stop air infiltration. Specifically designed for use in extreme temperatures and low humidity conditions. Application areas: rim joists, attics, crawls spaces, basements, top plates, cracks, crevices, beneath base plates, mud sills, corner joints, exterior cracks, around utility panels, pipes and duct penetrations, etc.

  • Sealing insulation board joints
  • Sealing electrical outlets
  • Sealing electrical openings
  • Sealing through stud penetrations
  • Sealing base plates
  • Sealing plumbing penetrations
  • Sealing can lights
  • Air sealing attic
  • Sealing exterior gaps for pest control

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment):

Use only in a well-ventilated area. Wear protective glasses with side shields or goggles, nitrile gloves, and clothing that protects against dermal exposure. Read all instructions and safety information prior to use. Consult the product’s SDS.

Nu-Foam Sealant Product Bulletin


(No reviews yet) Write a Review