Aprilaire Model 76 Dehumidifier Control

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  • Remote Control for Aprilaire 1820, 1830 or 1850 Dehumidifiers
  • Wall mount
  • Display and control humidity
  • Installation Manual

The Aprilaire Model 76 Dehumidifier Control provides control of the dehumidifier from the living space.
The control can be installed as an EXTERNAL CONTROL, allowing the homeowner to set and adjust the humidity setting and turn dehumidification on or off from a convenient location. In this application, the Model 76 uses an on-board sensor to monitor the relative humidity (%RH) in the space in which it is located and displays the measured relative humidity on the digital display.
The control can also be installed to function as a REMOTE CONTROL if the dehumidifier is located where it is not easy or convenient to access. The control can be installed in any location within the living space, with the dehumidifier installed in the area to be dehumidified, such as a crawl space, sealed attic, or basement. The dryness level is set on the control and communicated to the dehumidifier. The dehumidifier communicates the measured relative humidity in the space being dehumidified back to the Model 76 Control where it is displayed on the digital display.

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