Carbon Guard® Carbon Fiber Wall Repair 6 Strap Kit

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Product Overview

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Repairing foundation walls with carbon fiber straps is a simple and straightforward process. Carbon straps are far stronger than steel, yet are less stiff. This flexibility means carbon fiber straps are easy to maneuver and manipulate, which allows for installation in less than a day. The Carbon Fiber Strap utilizes its unmatched tensile strength to hold the concrete in place and prevent future bowing. When carbon is epoxied to the wall it becomes stronger than the original wall. However, with non-anchored carbon fiber products the wall may still move. With our product the wall is secure from moving inward in a tipping or shearing motion with the proprietary top and bottom anchors. This is one of the many features that sets our carbon fiber straps apart from the competition.

Carbon Fiber Strap Features:

  • Top anchor and bottom anchor are what secures the wall from moving inward in a tipping or shearing motion
  • Carbon fiber has been proven throughout multiple industries to be highly effective at structural reinforcement.
  • There is a thin wall application that makes the product non-intrusive. Since the straps are non-intrusive, you can easily paint over the straps and hide the repairs.
  • The tensile is stronger than steel. Unlike steel, our straps will not rust or deteriorate.
  • Our epoxy is superior to any other polymers on the market.
  • We manufacture commercial-grade carbon fiber, much stronger than the competition.
  • Don’t overpay for foundation repairs! Our carbon fiber straps are less expensive than professionally installed systems.

Kit Includes:

  • 6  9-foot long 450 GSM carbon fiber straps (6" Wide)
  • 6 Top Anchors with screws
  • 6 Bottom Anchors
  • 6  Tubes of Xtreme 4050 Epoxies
  • 1  Tube of Xtreme 4000 Epoxy
  • 1 Tray and Roller set

Why Carbon Fiber for Bowing Walls?

  • Originally developed for NASA and the U.S. Military for applications demanding extreme strength, carbon fiber is stronger than steel but not as stiff. However, carbon fiber is lightweight and easy-to-manage making it a simple to use, quickly installed solution for basement and foundation repair applications.

Do Carbon Fiber Straps Work?

  • Yes. Carbon fibers are incredibly effective for structural foundation repairs. Our product can repair cracked, bowed, or buckling walls before the foundational damage worsens. With our products, you can prevent further damage to your foundation.
  • Carbon fiber is very strong (e.g., 3000 MPa ultimate tensile strength, more than 10 times mild steel) but not too stiff (150 to 250 GPa, less than steel). Therefore, only a reasonable application of carbon fiber straps are needed to strengthen your home’s foundation.

Benefit of Carbon Fiber Straps

  • Quick installation
  • Incredible strength
  • No maintenance
  • Low visibility
  • Low cost

Install Carbon Fiber Straps On:

  • Basement Walls
  • Crawl Space Walls
  • Pools
  • Warehouse Walls
  • Garage Walls
Other Items Needed:
  • 5/8" Masonry Bit
  • Hammer/Concrete Drill
  • Drill Jig
  • Epoxy Applicator
  • Safety Goggles and Gloves

Installation Manual

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    Great way to strengthen my basement walls

    Posted by Jeremy on Nov 19th 2021

    I used this product last week for the first time. I was a little intimidated but read the instructions fully and watched the video on YouTube. I did 4 straps in about 2 hours. 1.Preparation is key! 2. Get the jig+applicator, or you will regret it. (A Sawzall is not the best way to get to your epoxy) 3. The walls need to be as bare as possible and may require grinding and scraping. 4. Take your time, do not rush. Put care into the project and it will be worth it.