Concrete Crack Fix

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Repairing cracks in concrete with carbon fiber grid stitch is a simple and straightforward process. The Crack Fix grid system revolutionizes concrete crack repair by combining carbon fiber stitching embedded in a structural epoxy adhesive. It has been both lab and real-world tested to be stronger and more reliable than any other crack repair methods.

Install Crack Fix Carbon Fiber Grid Stitch On:

  • Basement Walls
  • Crawl Space Walls
  • Pools
  • Warehouse Walls
  • Garage Walls

Carbon Fiber Grid Stitch Features:

  • STRENGTH - Lab and real-world testing shows 1,000 lbs of more carbon strength and 4,000 lbs of more overall strength when compared to lock-style stitch. No ends popping off!
  • SIMPLICITY - The Grid Stitch installs in about half the time of competitive products and requires fewer tools.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Tube Epoxy
  • 15 Carbon Fiber

Why Carbon Fiber?

  • Originally developed for NASA and the U.S. Military for applications demanding extreme strength, carbon fiber is stronger than steel but not as stiff. However, carbon fiber is lightweight and easy-to-manage making it a simple to use, quickly installed solution for basement and foundation repair applications.

Do Carbon Fiber Straps Work?

  • Yes. Carbon fibers are incredibly effective for structural foundation repairs.
  • Carbon fiber is very strong (e.g., 3000 MPa ultimate tensile strength, more than 10 times mild steel) but not too stiff (150 to 250 GPa, less than steel).

Benefit of Carbon Fiber

  • Quick installation
  • Incredible strength
  • No maintenance
  • Low visibility
  • Low cost


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review