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The Only Furnace Filter that Stops Dust from Bypassing the Frame and Entering Your Ducts

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The Only Furnace Filter that Stops Dust from Bypassing the Frame and Entering Your Ducts

Made in America + 90-Day Money Back Guarantee + Free Shipping

Made in America + 90-Day Money Back Guarantee + Free Shipping

“We recommend AirSafe 2000 Furnace Filters to all our customers. They protect the unit from dust and pet hair, and are quieter than other filters. As a heating and a/c contractor I like the fact they allow good air flow which helps prolong the life of high efficient motors that new systems have.”


— Wade Air Conditioning, Cantonment, FL

“Great product & great service.”


— Cathi, Knoxville, TN

“We started using AirSafe 2000 Filters earlier this year and we just love them. The unique frame design makes no noise when the air conditioner comes on like our other filters did. With the old style filters, you could always tell when it came on you could hear the filter being sucked up. Also the amount of dust has decreased which is great which means less dusting. Great Product!!!”


— Shirley Davis, Dover, FL

“I accidentally ordered the wrong size and they were very quick to send out the correct size and a return label for the wrong ones I had ordered.”


— D. B.Chesapeake, VA

"I’ve been a customer of AirSafe 2000 Furnace Air Filters for years and would recommend them to anyone. With a dog and 3 cats they filter better than any other product out there."


M. Sentell, Knoxville, TN

Free Shipping Included

All AirSafe Furnace Air Filter orders come with free shipping right to your door. We make buying furnace filters online easy by making sure the ordering process is simple and the delivery is included. Typical delivery takes less than 7-days.

No Dust By-Pass Saves Money

No other furnace filter works like ours does to capture more dust and save you money. The AirSafe Furnace Filter Frame is uniquely designed to prevent air and dust from bypassing. This keeps more dust from entering your AC unit. It also comes with a lifetime frame warranty and 90-day guarantee.

Lifetime Frame Warranty

Every Frame is hand made in the USA and backed by our Lifetime Frame Warranty. No other air filter product features our double dust gasket seal to eliminate bypass of air. Our 3-stage MERV 6 filter media will not restrict air flow.

Furnace Filter FAQs

Yes. What makes our filter system so unique is a combination of our hand made filter frame and the unique 3 stage filter media.

Yes. Our filter media is rated at a True MERV 6. What a true MERV 6 rating means is it will maintain that rating in your home. MERV rating by other manufacturers are done in a lab when the filter is sealed in a test cavity. Since other filters fit loosely in your return, there MERV rating is incorrect. Just having a 1mm gap around the cardboard filter frame can drop a MERV 15 filter to a MERV 14 and a 10mm gap reduces it to a MERV 8.

Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. This standard was designed to rate overall effectiveness of air filters. Most think the higher MERV rating is better. Too high can actually slow air flow and damage HVAC equipment. Too low is not capturing dust and particles efficiently. The AirSafe 2000 Frame with the True MERV 6 filter is the best at both.

Yes. We offer a 90-day less dust guarantee. If you don't notice your home is less dusty, return it for a full refund.